Object Type Main Sequence Star
Galaxy Kyklos Galaxy
System Bultea System
  • Tayleshus
  • Antana
  • Nabia
  • Capital Alteusa, Antana
    Affiliation Zavvaku

    Bultea (pronounced /bʊl.ˌtiːˈʌ./) is the local yellow supergiant star of the Bultea System. It is orbited by three single planets—Tayleshus, Antana and Nabia. It was chosen as the first system on which the Zavvaku Empire built their first colonial city, Alteusa, on Antana. Despite this, the colony is incapable of producing the red spice it was built for due to a complete lack of atmosphere. This causes the species' Price Gouger to currently not return here until atmosphere can begin to be placed on-world.

    Bultea SystemEdit

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